Guest post: Matt Palmer’s Halloween Top Five

Dawn of the Dead

Romero's Dawn of the Dead

With ghosts and ghouls preparing for their biggest night of the year on 31 October, we asked horror film fan and organiser of Horror All Night events, Matt Palmer, to round-up his favourites from some of the Park Circus-licensed films screening over the next few weeks.

1. Night of the Living Dead (1968) (Friday 28 October, Odeon Silverlink, Wallsend, UK)

George A. Romero’s atmospheric black and white zombie classic still packs a massive punch. Its realism and newsreel grittiness ushered in the modern horror movie era.

2. Dawn of the Dead (1978) (Friday 28 October, Stratford East Picutrehouse, London, UK)

In the sequel, Romero widens his vision and creates an ultra-gory, tense masterpiece that also serves as a vicious satire on capitalist consumerism.

3. Carrie (1976) (Friday 28 October, Odeon Silverlink, Wallsend, UK & Saturday 29 October, Little Theatre, Bath, UK)

Carrie intelligently explores sexuality and repression, literally ripping Christianity to pieces. But this is a Brian De Palma movie so it’s also sleazy, gory and chock full of visual style.

4. Pieces (1982) (Saturday 12 November, Grosvenor Cinema, Glasgow & Broadway Cinema, Nottingham, 19 November)

Pieces is an absolutely bonkers early 80s slasher movie that has to be seen to be believed. Vicious murder set-pieces and outrageous plotting abound. Topped off with the most unexpected moment of kung fu action in cinema! I’m showing this as part of my All Night Horror Madness event taking place at Glasgow’s Grosvenor Cinema on Saturday 12 November 2012.

5. The Evil Dead (1983) (various locations)

One of horror cinema’s all time classics returns. The Evil Dead is the real deal – a high-octane, demented cinematic thrill ride.

Find out what films are screening near you in the next four weeks by visiting


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