Artwork and stills from upcoming Charade release

With the digitally restored DVD and Blu-ray of 1963’s Charade released on 24 October, we wanted to offer an early look at the new cover and rare stills that will make up the title’s photo gallery.

Once described as “the best Hitchcock movie Hitchcock never made”, Stanley Donen’s thriller stars Audrey Hepburn as Regina Lampert and Cary Grant as Peter Joshua, two people thrown together in Paris against a backdrop of murder and betrayal, in which nothing is what it seems to be.

As well as Hepburn and Grant at their peak, Charade features a title sequence by Maurice Binder, best known for his work on the early James Bond movies, and a score by the great Henry Mancini.

The following stills come from the release’s photo gallery and feature the classic pairing of Grant and Hepburn:

Finally, here’s a close-up look at Charade’s new cover which keen-eyed fans of the film might recognise as referencing elements of Binder’s titles…

Charade DVD/Blu-ray sleeve

Charade DVD/Blu-ray sleeve

Restored in high definition, this Dual Format Edition also includes the film’s theatrical trailer and can be pre-ordered from Amazon.

Visit the DVD section of the main website for details of our other releases.


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