Top five Pulp Fiction facts

John Travolta and Samuel L Jackson in Pulp Fiction

John Travolta and Samuel L Jackson in Pulp Fiction

Following his dramatic arrival on the filmmaking scene with 1992’s controversial Reservoir Dogs, director Quentin Tarantino returned with the stylish and stylised Pulp Fiction in 1994.

Reviving the career of John Travolta and reinvigorating non-linear storytelling for a new generation, the film arguably contained more decade-defining phrases and scenes than any other film of the 90s.

With cinemas in the UK and Germany planning screenings of the film in the coming weeks, we decided to open up the briefcase and pull out five facts you perhaps didn’t know about Pulp Fiction

1. The original concept behind what would become Pulp Fiction came from a plan by Tarantino and co-writer, Roger Avary, to produce a trilogy film, inspired by Mario Bava’s 1963 horror, Black Sabbath. The three sections of the film were dubbed Vincent Vega and Marsellus Wallace’s Wife, The Gold Watch and The Bonnie Situation by the writers.

2. Originally, Tarantino wanted Michael Madsen to reprise his Vic Vega role from Reservoir Dogs in Pulp Fiction, but having already signed up to star in Wyatt Earp, the character’s name was changed to Vince Vega and Travolta was awarded the part.

3. The mystery of what’s inside the briefcase has never been fully explained by the cast or crew. Fans have speculated that it contains Marcellus Wallace’s soul (the plaster on his neck suggesting that was where the devil removed it from him) while Roger Avary has suggested it can be whatever the viewer wants it to be.

4. The budget for Pulp Fiction was a relatively modest $8.9 million. The film grossed just under $213 million, making it both a critical and financial success for film studio Miramax.

5. Although it’s rumoured that all the time pieces in Pulp Fiction are set to 4:20, this only applies to the clocks in the pawn shop. Continuing the drug theme in the film, “4:20” is a term used in connection with the smoking of marijuana.

Pulp Fiction is screening at Munich’s Münchner Stadtmedien GmbH and London’s Prince Charles Cinema and Caversham Court Gardens in September.

Find out where Pulp Fiction is being screened in the next four weeks by visiting www.backincinemas.comNot showing at a venue near you? Why not ask your local cinema to consider booking it from Park Circus? 


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