Trailer-blazers! #1: BMX Bandits

Nicole Kidman stars in BMX Bandits

Nicole Kidman stars in BMX Bandits

Trailer-blazers! is an ocassional look at some of the more unique trailers created for films in the Park Circus catalogue.

For anyone who hasn’t seen BMX Bandits (1983), coming to Belfast’s Queens Film Theatre on 4 September as part of their On Your Bike! day of events, the trailer (or to be more precise, TV spot, the actual trailer having been lost thanks to bad storage) certainly gives a flavour of what to expect from the finished film.

BMX bikes. Lots of them.

While American thrillers may favour car chases and Bond movies go for the occasional helicopter ride, BMX Bandits bucked the trend by employing a small army of BMX (short for Bicycle motocross) bikes, the transport method of choice for any street savvy child of the 1980s, for this Aussie actioner.

The film tells of the discovery of some police walkie talkies by the BMX-riding P.J. (Angelo D’Angelo) and Goose (James Lugton), along with their friend, Judy (Nicole Kidman, in her first film role). When bank robbers try to retrieve the walkie talkies, it’s up to P.J. and Goose to try and stop them, armed only with a group of their friends and a few dozen BMX bikes.

Doing more for the humble mode of transport than any other Nicole Kidman film since, we’d advise anyone nostalgic for the 80s to dig out their BMX from storage and cycle along to the Queens Film Theatre to check out the film on the big screen. In the meantime, here’s the trailer:

You can also hear Trenchard-Smith discuss the film in this video from the superb Trailers from Hell site:

Find out where BMX Bandits is being screened in the next four weeks by visiting www.backincinemas.comNot showing at a venue near you? Why not ask your local cinema to consider booking it from Park Circus? 


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