Top five Teen Wolf facts

Teen Wolf

Teen Wolf

With 1985’s Teen Wolf coming to London’s Wilton’s Music Hall on Friday 12 August as part of their Transformations season, we thought we’d kick-off our new regular Top Five feature with some facts on this memorable Michael J Fox comedy.

Teen Wolf stars Fox as Scott Howard, an awkward High School student who discovers he can change into a werewolf, causing his life to alter in more ways than one.

1. Although heavily promoted as starring “Back to the Future’s Michael J Fox”, Teen Wolf was actually filmed before the time travel comedy hit cinema screens. Realising they were going to have a star on their hands in the shape of Fox, the producers held back Teen Wolf until Back to the Future paved the way for their film.

2. Back to the Future was also an influence on Italian distributors of Teen Wolf; Fox’s character’s name from was changed from “Scott” to “Marty” in the dub.

3. The only actors to return for the 1987 sequel, Teen Wolf Too, were James Hampton as Harold Howard and Mark Holton as Chubby. Jason Bateman took on the role of Scott’s cousin, Todd.

4. Of the Teen Wolf crew, director Rod Daniel would go on to direct comedies such as K9, Beethoven’s 2nd and Home Alone 4. One of the film’s writers, Jeph Loeb, would go on to become a key figure in the comics industry and a writer/producer on the Smallville and Lost TV series, while one of Loeb’s collaborators on the Teen Wolf Too script, Tim Kring, later created superhero drama, Heroes, on which Loeb became co-executive producer.

5.  As well as spawning a sequel in Teen Wolf Two, the original film inspired an animated series, which ran from 1986 to 1987.  There were also plans for a third movie, this time starring Alyssa Milano as the werewolf, but the film failed to materialise. Most recently, a 2011 Teen Wolf TV series debuted on US screens, starring Tyler Posey as Scott McCall. The series opts for a darker tone to the film, with McCall seen to play lacrosse rather than basketball.

Share your Teen Wolf trivia and memories in the comments section.


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