Film Noir Blogathon round-up

A few weeks ago we asked film bloggers around the globe to consider participating in our Film Noir Blogathon, an excuse to discuss the genre just as we re-release 1946’s Gilda to selected UK cinemas.

We had a great response on Twitter to the idea, with dozens of tweets about our followers’ favourite film noirs, and we even listed another five must-see noirs that should be watched by anyone with an interest in the murkier side of old Hollywood.

We’ve had some fantastic posts written as part of the Blogathon and expect more as the day and weekend goes on – feel free to let us know in the comments below if we missed anyone out.

Here are the first few to come our way:

Let us know if we’ve missed yours, we’ll add to the list above as and when they come in.



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2 responses to “Film Noir Blogathon round-up

  1. I actually did a Noir Movie Night on Friday and showed “Ace in the Hole”. My post deals with my own feelings on the film and the reactions at the movie night I hosted from people who are not well-versed in classic film and noir. Enjoyed this blog-a-thon. Here’s the link:

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