Film Noir Blogathon

Gilda's Rita Hayworth

Gilda's Rita Hayworth

Here at Park Circus we’re gearing up for the return to cinema screens of Glenn Ford and Rita Hayworth in 1946’s Gilda, the classic film noir which defined the latter’s career and, for many, the genre.

Charles Vidor’s film sees Ford cast as Johnny Farrell, a down-at-heel gambler rescued by Ballin Mundson (George Macready) and invited into his world of high society and low lives. When Mundson’s new wife, Gilda (Hayworth) arrives on the scene and a love triangle created, sexual jealousy and confused loyalties driving the plot towards its conclusion.

To mark the digitally restored re-release of Gilda, we’re hosting Film Noir Blogathon, a chance for bloggers around the world to write about any aspect of the genre. Whether it’s the sultry femmes fatales, the mysteries lurking in the shadows or the murky morals of their protagonists, the best noir’s are worth discussing again and again, and we’d like to read your thoughts on your favourites.

You might want to focus on Gilda, one the many film noirs in the Park Circus catalogue or any other film which comes under the banner, however loosely. Then just paste the image below into your blog post and link back to this page on or before 22 July 2011. We’ll create a new post and link back to all the articles.

Updated 22 July 2011: We’ve now published the new post rounding up all Film Noir Blogathon entries.



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2 responses to “Film Noir Blogathon

  1. Fascinating! I only saw Gilda for the first time quite recently, and LOVED it, and gushed about it here:

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