Now Showing: Friday 3 – Thursday 9 June 2011

Park Circus supplies films for public screening around the world, with titles for the next four weeks listed on our Now Showing page. Each week we highlight a selection coming up in the next seven days.

Ever met someone for the first time and been positive you know them? That’s the situation faced by Michael Courtland (Cliff Robertson) in Brian De Palma’s Obsession, coming to Instituto Valenciano del Audiovisual y de la Cinematografia Ricardo Munoz Suay in Valencia, on Wednesday 8 June. Courtland thinks he has killed his wife and daughter, only to meet a woman who looks uncannily like the former years later in Italy.

The Danish Film Institute in Copenhagen will screen Vincent Gallo’s Buffalo 66 on Wednesday 8 June. Gallo also stars as an ex-con who hatches a preposterous scheme to try to impress his uncaring parents. Billy kidnaps a young woman (Christina Ricci) with the intention of bringing her home to visit his parents as his loving wife.

The hit documentary, Inside Job, is also screening on Wednesday 8 June, but this time at Vienna’s Burg Kino. Narrated by Matt Damon, the film looks at the reasons behind the recent global economic meltdown.

Eden Court cinema in Inverness is currently showing a range of film noir favourites as part of a special season, continuing on Saturday 4 June with a print of Jules Dassin’s Rififi licensed by Park Circus. This 1955 French heist drama is essential viewing for noir fans and was recently placed at number 90 in Empire’s list of 100 Best Films of World Cinema.

Finally, Killer Klowns from Outer Space is the latest kult klassic to come to London’s Prince Charles, on Saturday 4 June. Head along to witness one of the kraziest horror/sci-fi/komedies ever made, with a plot that makes zero sense (killer clowns come to Earth to, well, kill) and a cast playing it (almost) straight. There’s also free candyfloss and clown costumes are encouraged.

Use our Find a Screening search to see what’s showing near you.


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