Celebrate Vincent Price’s centenary with The Tingler!

Vincent Price promotes The Tingler

Vincent Price promotes The Tingler

“When the Tingler’s victims scream in fright, you too will feel every shocking sensation!” So claimed the trailer for William Castle’s 1959 chiller, The Tingler, the film which is being screened around the UK, Friday 27 May, by Picturehouse cinemas to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the birth of horror legend, Vincent Price.

Price stars as Dr Warren Chaplin, a pathologist investigating the cause of a tingling in the spines of humans. Could it be a strange, parasitic creature?

Original screenings of the film were accompanied by gimmicks including electric shocks under patrons chairs and members of the audience who were paid to scream at appropriate moments. Film historian Bruce Goldstein, who introduced The Tingler at the 2011 Glasgow Film Festival, explains more in this interview with The List.

These screenings may not have shocks under the seats, but there should still be a few surprises for those who haven’t yet sampled Castle’s cult classic.

Picturehouse cinemas taking part in the celebration, as part of the chain’s Culture Shocks strand, include:

Remember, a scream at the right time, may save your life! Here’s William Castle to explain more:

Discover more William Castle and Vincent Price titles in the Park Circus catalogue.


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