Martin Scorsese discusses Taxi Driver in New York

As we make the final few tweaks under the hood of our upcoming theatrical release of Taxi Driver, we wanted to share some footage which recently arrived online from an event in New York.

AMC Theatres released Taxi Driver in select cities across the USA and Canada in March and invited its director, Martin Scorsese, and screenwriter, Paul Schrader, along to the premiere:

Following the US release, Taxi Driver will be back in cinemas worldwide, including UK and Ireland from 13 May, and Australia from 7 July. Audiences in Brasil will also get the chance to watch the restored cult classic this year, when it screens at Sao Paulo International Film Festival in October.

These are only some of the countries where Taxi Driver will be showing. To stay updated on international release dates and screenings for this title, please visit

Here’s a look at Sony Pictures’ newly restored theatrical trailer:


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