Christopher Isherwood on BBC Two and DVD

This Saturday, 19 March, sees BBC Two screen Christopher and His Kind, a new film based on the experiences of novelist Christopher Isherwood in 1930s Berlin.

Starring Doctor Who’s Matt Smith in the lead role, the film explores Isherwood’s formative years in Berlin in the run-up to the Second World War. BBC Four will also be screening a 1969 edition of Omnibus, Christopher Isherwood – A Born Foreigner, the same evening.

If the BBC film inspires you to find out more about Isherwood, we recommend checking out 1955’s I Am a Camera, based on his 1939 novel Goodbye to Berlin and now available on DVD from Park Circus.

In the film, a young and naive author (Laurence Harvey) befriends a lively and totally amoral English girl, Sally Bowles (Julie Harris). Together they indulge in the freedom and decadence offered by Berlin at the time, but as support for Nazi fascism rises, the city as they know it begins to vanish.

Christopher and His Kind airs on BBC Two on Saturday, 19 March, at 21.30. Christopher Isherwood – A Born Foreigner can be seen at 23.00 on BBC Four.


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